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Spring is always exciting with new fun colors, just like this palette from Deck of Scarlet. This is made in collaboration with Roxette Arisa, one of my favorite you tubers. It arrives in such a cute and sturdy packaging in your mailbox. 

Edition no : 7

Product Claims :

Transport your look to sandy beaches with exotic hues of Bora Bora, a sizzling aquamarine shimmer and Bronzed, a metallic brown that builds a sultry gaze. Lovesick adds just the right amount of flush pink across the cheeks, while gold-tinged Roxstar highlights all your best angles. Get ultra-luxe lips, using Deck of Scarlet’s creamy matte formula – perfect for layering on all day and into the night. Stripped down, turned up – kind of like being naked, only better.

Packaging :

I am very impressed with the packaging. The actual palette layout is sturdy which is beautifully designed. I really like the idea, how the lip and powder products are separated by the design. It has magnets along the sides which makes it even more luxurious and very neat. It is such a chic little package, which is very travel friendly, with a mirror. :p

Texture :

This palette is cool and chic. The eyeshadow colors are very pigmented, easy to apply and stay on. The Bora Bora(blue) shows up really well and it is one of my favorite blues right now. I also loved the brown tones for the eyeshadow and the pigment on them is pretty good.   The highlighter is decent, has a wet look to it, which can be worn as an everyday highlighter. The cheek blush is a cool fun shade. The eyeliner is beautifully formulated, creamy & no tugging of the eyelid.  The lip liner is really creamy, beautiful and a perfect nude color.



It has three eyeshadow shades, a blush and an highlight. Two lip colors(light and dark). An Eyeliner and a lip liner.

I can get a few different day looks and easy to transition to night. This eyeliner can also be used on the waterline, this trick makes your eye looks bigger and brighter.

Final Verdict:

Overall, it’s a very nice palette. The different combinations you can have are versatile. The colors all work together.One can get multiple makeup looks from this one chic palette. It is a perfect palette for spring.

 Here are the few pictures of the palette..

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