The Magic Potion

Hey guys,

What do I even start with?

This product “Clinique Acne Solutions Clinical Clearing Gel” is my holy grail, ride or die, Game changer, the magic potion. I used to have severe acne issue. I consulted many dermatologists, and tried many products but, none really seem to do much for me. It is only when I was given a sample of this gel when I once visited Sephora. I have been using it every couple nights on my worst acne areas and it worked great. And now that, my acne is very mild, it cleared up the small amount that I had.

Product Claims :

  • 4 in 1 clearing complex with salicylic acid.

  • Solutions for: 

    • Acne and blemishes 

    • Pores 

    • Oiliness 

  • Formulated without parabens

  • Allergy tested

  • Non-acnegenic

  • Free of oil and fragrance. 

Price: USD 26.50 | INR 1950


It is a sleek container with the usual Clinique’s Acne solutions green packaging. It is handy and spill proof, leak proof. It is pocket sized and travel friendly. It is a translucent container which is actually helpful. I usually drop it in my hand bag on the go.


This has a clear gel texture. The texture of the gel is a bit sticky while wet, but it dries very quickly and absorbs easily into skin. Salicylic acid, the main active ingredient in this lightweight gel, helps to aid in the process of exfoliation and skin renewal, bringing dirt, blackheads, and other pore-clogging gunk to the surface of your skin, reducing future breakouts and congestion.

  • The only negative thing is that it can be a bit drying, but if you use a good moisturizer it doesn’t bother you.

  •  Also, I don’t have dry skin, so maybe if you do you need a heavier moisturizer than usual. You definitely will want to follow with a moisturizer to counteract some of the drying action of the salicylic acid.

  • Also, if your skin is more sensitive, you may want to start out by only using this product at night instead of twice a day and work up to more frequent use.

Final Verdict:

I’m so pleased to finally find something that works for my own stubborn acne-prone skin. This feels so good on painful cystic breakouts. It cools the skin, and it calms inflammation. This begins working right away and my blemishes shrink a bit over night. This gets rid of the redness around the blemishes. I am extremely impressed with this product, it goes on smooth, it’s invisible, effective, wearable under make-up, did I mention effective, I’ve noticed that my skin has been smoother and less breakout prone since I’ve started adding this to my skincare routine.

So, what do you think about this product? Did you give it a try? How did it work for you? Tell me in the comments below.

I’ll write about my skin care routine on how I cleared my acne, soon on my blog. So, stay tuned…

Until next time…



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