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Hi guys, Hope you are doing well.

I’ve recently found using hair styler by Nikai. Usually, I am not much of a hair-styler, I give blow-dry to my hair and that is it. And sometimes, maybe straighten.  To my surprise, it makes me feel great, glam and gorgeous. Obviously good hair day makes you feel good. The only downside is that it’s time-consuming. Though it’s all worth it for those days when we want to feel gorgeous.

Coming to the actual product,  it has 3 temperature settings and comes with 4 curling settings,

Volume Diffuser, which is specially designed for curls and tight curls, it can lift the roots and give your hair volume and dry it naturally without damaging it.

Laura comb, which has the ceramic coating which makes it perfectly glide through your hair and straighten your hair under protection.

Bristle brush is used to highlight the shape of sections of hair, like the fringe, the tips or the roots.

Barrel Brush, with its two-way rotation function, you can curl your hair whether you are right-handed or left-handed.

Once I got hands on this brush, I was totally confused. After figuring out how to use the brushes, this became my go-to hairstyle brush. It’s recommended that when using the hairdryer, you start drying your roots with the classic/basic function, and then turn the nozzle to the highest function to dry the rest of your strands. Bristle brush from the kit is my favourite because I need not use my other blow dryer with a round brush. I would definitely say this would take the least arm work.

Overall, this blow dry brush can make your hair truly soft, it can dry, straighten and shine your hair at the same time, very easy and convenient to use. And, ta-da!—have beautiful hair.

Stay warm y’all… xx

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, however all opinions are my own.

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