All about women safety||Self defense pepper sprays for women

I cannot stress on the importance of safety especially girls. We envision raising a generation where girls feel secure, safe and empowered. This can be achieved by us girls knowing the safety signs that make us feel safe, knowledgeable on how to implement them and how we can stop any harm happening to us.

We all must have seen women grabbing the pepper spray and spraying it on attackers face in movies at any point of time. We live in a very active world with an active lifestyle and do not have time to search and buy safety products, pepper spray is a go-to product designed for self defense.

Many of you would have been wondering(I was too). So, I’ll tell you some of the results of using pepper spray; As the spray is highly concentrated with capsicum, it is absolutely no picnic for the attacker. The person might experience coughing, unable to speak, pain in the eyes, watering of the eyes and reddening of the skin around the eyes. The symptoms may last anywhere between 30 min to an hour. Extreme cases, it can also cause heart attack/ stroke. 

There are many brands and sizes of the pepper spray in the market. When you are shopping for one, decide on what size, type of stream and your convenience and how you are gonna use it. Is it when you are walking/running alone or walking home late at night? These factors will determine which spray will be the best fit for you. I recommend pepper gel because the spray can disperse quickly in the wind but the gel has a longer range, reduces wind blowback, and is safer for using indoors. 

That is the reason I love SABRE products, trusted by police to provide up to five times more spray than the competition—10 one-second bursts or 25 short bursts! The fact that it comes with a keychain gives you the immediate access for protection against any uninformed threats. It is a perfect addition to the daily routine and gives you that additional peace of mind. 

Finally, I just want to say be noticeable and keep an eye on your surroundings whenever you are walking in the streets. Self defense is no wrong and pepper spray is the best choice. Easy to use, carry and makes you feel protected and powerful when carrying it. If you are thinking of buying one, SABRE has an entire line to choose from.

*This is a sponsored post however all opinions are my own.

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