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I’ve recently found using hair styler by Nikai. Usually, I am not much of a hair-styler, I give blow-dry to my hair and that is it. And sometimes, maybe straighten.  To my surprise, it makes me feel great, glam and gorgeous. Obviously good hair day makes you feel good. The only downside is that it’s time-consuming. Though it’s all worth it for those days when we want to feel gorgeous.

Coming to the actual product,  it has 3 temperature settings and comes with 4 curling settings,

Volume Diffuser, which is specially designed for curls and tight curls, it can lift the roots and give your hair volume and dry it naturally without damaging it.

Laura comb, which has the ceramic coating which makes it perfectly glide through your hair and straighten your hair under protection.

Bristle brush is used to highlight the shape of sections of hair, like the fringe, the tips or the roots.

Barrel Brush, with its two-way rotation function, you can curl your hair whether you are right-handed or left-handed.

Once I got hands on this brush, I was totally confused. After figuring out how to use the brushes, this became my go-to hairstyle brush. It’s recommended that when using the hairdryer, you start drying your roots with the classic/basic function, and then turn the nozzle to the highest function to dry the rest of your strands. Bristle brush from the kit is my favourite because I need not use my other blow dryer with a round brush. I would definitely say this would take the least arm work.

Overall, this blow dry brush can make your hair truly soft, it can dry, straighten and shine your hair at the same time, very easy and convenient to use. And, ta-da!—have beautiful hair.

Stay warm y’all… xx

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, however all opinions are my own.

Mythic Oil

Hello guys, 


We are half way through the year. July is here. I hope you are all still up with your resolutions! For this time I have come up with hair related products. Mythic oil has been my favorite since long. So, today I am gonna review their range for you guys. 

This range consists of Shampoo, Conditioner and a oil.


Their Shampoo and conditioner duo are my do or die products. My hair loves them so much. 




I have used this for well over three years now. If you abuse your hair with product, dryers, curling or flat irons, and color this product is amazing. It does pretty amazing job, in not damaging your hair. I also use the Moisturizing Mask. My hair feels wonderful every time I use this shampoo. The packaging is so sleek and I like how the bottle is transparent. The liquid is transparent as well and lathers a lot. It also has natural oils like Argan oil, cotton seed oil, Avacado oil and grape seed oil. These oils have their own importance.





I love love this hair mask/conditioner. It restores damaged/crunchy hair in one use. I have gone through 3 tubs of this goodness. I use this product as a conditioner. The product is lightweight so it doesn’t weigh down your hair, leaves hair so soft.  The product consistency is too smooth and a pinch goes long way. I apply it to my roots , I then comb all over my hair length, leave for five min and cleanse it off. My hair immediately feels better. I would highly recommend this product as well.



Mythic oil:


I get my hair straighten almost every alternate day. Though I use heat protective products, my hair feels like it still need the extra shine and strength lol. This product keeps my hair well moisturized, shiny, bouncy, healthy looking, and it keeps the two textures of hair manageable without breakage while in between blowouts (straightening). The packaging reminds me of the oriental times, the gold looks very classy. It has essential oils like  argan oil and rice bran oil. It works like magic to tame my fly aways, and as a leave-in hair treatment. And only need a small dab, makes a huge difference and give you that finished salon look.


I am writing my hair hair routine super soon! stay tuned for that! Have fun you guys.


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Tea Tree – The Body Shop

Hello guys,

Its been long, How you’all? Today, I am talking about some skin care which I cannot live without! 


Tea tree is a mean green killing machine against blemishes. Tea tree is not too harsh for my skin, and the actual products be it a moisturizer, lotion, serum, mask, scrub, facewash are gentle enough not to cause micro-tears. They are an essential part of my skin care routine as I am prone to blemishes and oily skin. Ever since I started using skincare products from The Body Shop, my skin has been totally amazing. Here are some of the products I cannot live without.


Tea Tree Anti-Impression Daily solution:

 Miracle / Magic in a bottle – Skincare Staple.

This product has been a complete game changer for my skin care routine. This serum works wonders. Lightweight and non-greasy. It is not oily and have a great scent. I use it twice a day, before applying my moisturizer and make-up in the morning and before moisturizer at night and my skin has less redness and less texture. I love how it comes with dropper.

Skin Super Powers – Everyone needs this in their routine if they have oily or combination skin. This is my third purchase and I make sure I have at least 3 backups of this at all times. It reduces breakouts and evens skin tones. If you have acne scarring, blemishes prone skin, this product will change your life. I absolutely love it! Hands down, this product is freaking great for oily skin. I cannot live without my tea tree oil daily solution.


Tea Tree 3 in 1 Wash Scrub Mask :

 I love how flexible this product is. It works wonders. It even does a decent job at removing makeup. Makes skin smoother, helps with my acne and mattifies skin. You really feel it working to remove the dirt from your face. And once complete, you look in that mirror and see literally a refreshed face YOU! This stuff has facial beads, so just be careful to not get any in your eyes. Travel Buddy – You can use this on rush days and when you stay out. It’s perfect cleanser and when I leave it on for 5 mins it’s a good replacement mask to feel refreshed on vacations. For dry skin babes out there, the scrub part of it really helps.

I use daily as a scrub and at least twice a week I put it on 15 mins before I shower and then rub it in to exfoliate while the water runs over my face. It has a cooling effect and really helps get rid of the dead skin that piles up on your face. It has just the right amount of grit for a scrub, and it is cool, tingly and refreshing as a mask.

The scrub leaves your skin feeling smooth and polished and it is excellent for acne prone skin. This would work on blemish, normal, combination, and oily skin. Definitely love how it’s 3 in 1 which it’s like hey, here’s a bang for your buck 😉


Tea Tree Mattifying Lotion :

 Moisturizer is extremely important for your skin, even if you have extremely oily & acne prone skin. After years of dealing with frustrating oily skin, I’ve found this beauty of a product. Moisturizer, primer, and mattifier all rolled up into one. It’s very lightweight. I’ve never fell in love with a moisturizer before and I have very oily skin but this product helps to keep the shine and oiliness away without making my skin feel tight. I feel like my skin is glowing with this product. A little bit goes a long way so don’t be deterred by the small bottle

This lotion would not be good for anyone with dry skin as you would be extremely dry after using this lotion. The other down side, I noticed is that it only stays a few hours. Also, I would only recommend this product in hot and humid places and for those with super oily skin, not suitable for harsh winters. In winters, I sometimes need another moisturizer to pair with this. 

It is the cherry on top for this amazing line of products. It is definitely mattifying, greasiness is way reduced for my oily skin. Literally the BEST moisturizer for oily skin.


Tea Tree  Clay Mask :

 This product is an absolute miracle when it comes getting rid of my pimples. Whenever I see that I am breaking out I immediately put it on and 9/10 times it is almost or completely gone by the next day. The mask is absorbed into my skin after around 10 minutes. It is then dried out and I just washed my face with water. It feels refreshed using this mask.

When I put this on, I can feel my face warming underneath it. Strangest thing, but I think that means it is doing its job?

The only downside is that it’s kind of difficult to take off—I recommend a washcloth.

It also makes my skin very soft. This is my favorite mask, it has a cooling sensation and the tea tree lifts impurities from my skin. 


Tee Tea Targeted Gel :

 This tiny guy is my travel buddy. Takes up no space, no weight. Great for quick fix nasty zits and adorable size. It really helps to reduce the size of pimples and dry them out. I put this on top of my makeup and I kid you not half way through the day they already shrunk. Also, it does not leave any visible residue. It works great for pimples that has a white head without being red.

Really good to use overnight. I use this stick as a part of my everyday routine at night and it helps reduce the intensity of the blemishes overnight. That being said, the tube won’t last more than a month if you use it every night. 

But, $10 for less than 0.1 fl oz? Just wish they could make a bigger size for stay-home use. 

I first bought it in an airport on my way to India. Soft applicator makes it easy to put on in an emergency if needed. I personally use this on the go or during my vacations.


That’s it for this time guys. Hope you’ll having fun this Summers!

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