All about women safety||Self defense pepper sprays for women

I cannot stress on the importance of safety especially girls. We envision raising a generation where girls feel secure, safe and empowered. This can be achieved by us girls knowing the safety signs that make us feel safe, knowledgeable on how to implement them and how we can stop any harm happening to us. We all must have seen women grabbing the pepper spray and spraying it on attackers face in ...

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Anything about #backtoschool excites me || Dorm room decor ideas ✨

Welcome back, a very long gap this time, but I have come up with some exciting stuff for you guys.  COVID-19 pretty much hijacked everyone’s life, isn’t it? We’ve all sat at home more than we used to. Honestly, it’s been 5 months I’ve stepped out of the house. I have had personal pandemic issues struggling with mental health, unhopeful about the future and boredom.  The only ray of ...

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Have your ever felt that you stay in house just lounging, cooking and not caring how you look and just be however the fuck you want? I guess we all did! Well, it’s the time.  Spend this time to boost your immune system. Do what makes you happy. Need not be super productive. Playing cards, online  games, reading a book, making TikTok videos, creating social media content. Spend your ...

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Solo Travel – Toronto

Hi guys, How are y'all? As you might have seen I was in Toronto a few days ago. I travelled all by myself. From booking the travel tickets to booking the rooms and having fun experiences there, I did it myself. Solo travelled for the first in my life. I kinda liked it, but i’d prefer traveling with the people I love lol. I realized the value of people who travelled with me. I enjoyed my ...

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My Mumbai Getaway

Hi guys, It’s been so long. I hope everyone is having an amazing vacation. And everyone is staying hydrated this summers. It’s been a year I’ve started my Youtube channel(YAY), I am not very regular there, but I hope you guys watch my videos and subscribe. Coming to today's post, I’ve recently gone for a getaway for my birthday weekend to Mumbai, India, the city which is close to my ...

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Hair Styler

Hi guys, Hope you are doing well. I’ve recently found using hair styler by Nikai. Usually, I am not much of a hair-styler, I give blow-dry to my hair and that is it. And sometimes, maybe straighten.  To my surprise, it makes me feel great, glam and gorgeous. Obviously good hair day makes you feel good. The only downside is that it’s time-consuming. Though it's all worth it for those days when we ...

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