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Hair Styler

Hi guys, Hope you are doing well.

I’ve recently found using hair styler by Nikai. Usually, I am not much of a hair-styler, I give blow dry to my hair and that is it. And sometimes, maybe straighten.  To my surprise, it makes me feel great, glam and gorgeous. Obviously good hair day makes you feel good. The only downside is that it’s time-consuming. Though its all worth it for those days when we want to feel gorgeous. 

Coming to the actual product,  it has 3 temperature settings and comes with 4 curling settings, 

Volume Diffuser, which is specially designed for curls and tight curls, it can lift the roots and give your hair volume and dry it naturally without damaging it.

Laura comb, which has the ceramic coating which makes it perfectly glide through your hair and straighten your hair under protection.

Bristle brush, is used to highlight the shape of sections of hair, like the fringe, the tips or the roots.

Barrel Brush, with its two-way rotation function, you can curl your hair whether you are right-handed or left-handed.

 Once I got hands on this brush, I was totally confused. After figuring out how to use the brushes, this became my go to hair style brush. It’s recommended that when using the hair dryer, you start drying your roots with the classic/basic function, and then turn the nozzle to the highest function to dry the rest of your strands. Bristle brush from the kit is my favorite because I need not use my other blow dryer with a round brush. I would definitely say this would take the least arm work.

 Overall, this blow dry brush can make your hair truly soft, it can dry, straighten and shine your hair at the same time, very easy and convenient to use. And, ta-da!—have beautiful hair.

Stay warm guys…

Until next time,



Indian festive Outfits✨

Festive season is really out a corner now in India. Ganesha, Dussehra, Diwali and it goes on. So, I’d come up with these three looks for this festive season. Definitely my favorite part of the festival is food, though I miss that so much now as I am away from home.

Dussehra is the festival of goddess where everyone believes that truth and honesty definitely wins someday. Diwali, is festival of lights!✨

 For the first look, I wore this sari, looks almost similar to a half-sari (if that is a thing lol) and paired it with huge jhumkas (ear rings)and a head piece with a set of bangles on one hand. I wanted to look over dewy and so went on with the really popping highlighted face makeup. Winged eyeliner and a red pop completed this look.






For the second look, I wore a plain blue sari with a contrasting top. I accessorized this look with pearls chain, head piece, ear rings and a set of blue bangles gave it a nice pop. On to my face, I went on little on my lips with a highlight in the middle. 










And the final and simple look is for all my college going girls out there! I wore a plain white shirt with a black palazzo. Blue scarf gave it a  nice Indian look. For my face, I went on with a subtle highlight with a black kajaleye with blue color smoked on the lower lash line. Red lip color stands out in this look. So easy and comfortable, yet festive right?



First and third looks are my kinda fav looks. What is your favorite in this one?

Let me know in the comments below…..


Until next time…



Simple Jeans / Tee Outfit Ideas

Hey Guys, how are you all?


I never thought a normal Jeans and a T-shirt make an outfit for a photoshoot! LOL

But Guess what? You can actually make it a great outfit, even without many accessories.


In this post, I am showing you two simple outfit deets, and how you can style them, without over dressing. 


For my first outfit, I visited a Public Library in my area. I did not want to go over dramatic for a library.So, I tried on a simple tee which said NEED, and it worked out. I made a knot at one side, just not to keep it to usual. I paired it with knee rip blue jeans. I added a hat to look nerdy and cat eye trendy sunglasses and yesss! This is how it turned out. Also, I braided my hair just to give that chic look.


For my makeup, I wanted a glow Af skin and a half-winged eyeliner. I went with Burgundy eyeshadow to give that pop-up and a pink lip.








Top : Only 

Jeans : Tommy Hilfiger

Hat : asos

Glasses : amazon( solos vision sent them to me)



Eyes : Ciate London

Lip : Nyx Soft Matte Lipcream

I also, made a video on this, which y’all can watch it here.



And, for my second outfit, I wanted a Coco Cola tshirt from a very long time, and I finally found it in Target. I knew I should get it. I wanted some cool pictures with that TEE( just a fantasy). 


It was a super simple outfit. I made a knot on the centre, and Omg it looked so cool! I paired it up with high waisted buttoned jeans with sneakers.

I did not go crazy with makeup. I went for a no foundation look. I’ve applied a little highlight and a pink lip again.


For the photoshoot location, I wanted a Coco cola background, as I was wearing that tee. So, we went to Target and got some cool shots. Later on, we went to Starbucks and clicked some pictures there too.







That’s it for this time guys. I hope you guys enjoyed reading it. Tell me which one was your fav and how you would style yours in the comments below!


Top : Target

Jeans : Guess

Shoes : Adidas



Until next time..









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