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Anything about #backtoschool excites me || Dorm room decor ideas ✨

Welcome back, a very long gap this time, but I have come up with some exciting stuff for you guys. 

COVID-19 pretty much hijacked everyone’s life, isn’t it? We’ve all sat at home more than we used to. Honestly, it’s been 5 months I’ve stepped out of the house. I have had personal pandemic issues struggling with mental health, unhopeful about the future and boredom. 

The only ray of light I’m seeing is with the schools and colleges reopening. College reopening and starting schools comes with a lot of exciting things, a new school, university, new classes, clubs, teams, friends, and…… a new dorm room.

I love to read, watch and anything about #backtoschool excites me. Combine #backtoschool with dorm décor, I’m sold. Moving into my first dorm room was by far the most exciting thing happened when starting college. 4 years and 4 rooms later, I’m still obsessed with the #backtoschool dorm décor and all the amazing and super fun and creative ways people decorate their cute spaces.

I’ve myself decorated all the walls in my room and now I’m decorating the only side of the wall left to decorate ha-ha. How you decorate your own spaces can say a lot about you. Redecorating your dorms can allow your personality shine through. You’ll feel comfortable stepping into your dorm every day, confident showing it off to your friends. Though dorms don’t have a very large space to work with, it will give a creative opportunity to discover your personal style and decorate from scratch for the first time, if you haven’t before. Now is the time to spruce up the place to make it look like exactly how you want it, as opposed to your childhood bedroom that might have the same wall paint, curtains and décor. But, sometimes the idea of redesigning a room can seem a little daunting, which brings me to our blog post today. I promise I’ll be short coz there’s a whole YouTube video coming up soon. Stay tuned for that.

I’ve partnered with Her campus X The Home Depot to bring you guys some amazing #backtoschool home décor ideas and affordable products to decorate your dorm rooms. 

Firstly, I’d definitely recommend adding an aesthetic mirror, no matter where you start. Mirrors add a whole lot of aesthetic flavour to the room. They are a great tool for reflection of one’s personality. You don’t want to pick something that every other person on your dorm floor has chosen, at the same time it should match the exact theme you are going for. If you’re looking for something aesthetically unique, the “Lana Sunburst 26.8 in. X 26.8 in. Gold Framed Mirror” is the way to go. It definitely went through with the whole leaf theme I was going for, isn’t it? Also, green and gold always form a great colour palette!

Secondly, to make your dorm feel like home, I’d recommend having some storage bowls for keeping candy, fruits. We always go home hungry from school, right? And we always crave for those quick snacks or fruit! If you’d want to store some candy/ fruit in a contemporary way, the “Hammered Oval bowl Black and Copper” is the perfect addition to dorm décor. It goes well with the whole gold theme we are going from the beginning. It looks great on the marble tabletop of your dorm room. Or if you want to take that cheese board for a picnic, this bowl is a picture-perfect décor.

That’s it for this time, you guys. I am super excited to see how you all decorate your spaces. Please don’t forget to tag me in your dorm inspo pics, I’d love to see and share them!

Happy Schooling in this fall, stay safe and healthy!


This is a sponsored post, however all opinions are my own.


Have your ever felt that you stay in house just lounging, cooking and not caring how you look and just be however the fuck you want?

I guess we all did! Well, it’s the time. 

Spend this time to boost your immune system. Do what makes you happy. Need not be super productive. Playing cards, online  games, reading a book, making TikTok videos, creating social media content. Spend your time in a non stressful way. Just take a break from the chaos of your daily life and try to be little more happy than yesterday.

And the people stayed home. And read books, and listened, and rested, and exercised, and made art, and played games, and learned new ways of being, and were still. And listened more deeply. Some meditated, some prayed, some danced. Some met their shadows. And the people began to think differently.

And the people healed. And, in the absence of people living in ignorant, dangerous, mindless, and heartless ways, the earth began to heal.

“And when the danger passed, and the people joined together again, they grieved their losses, and made new choices, and dreamed new images, and created new ways to live and heal the earth fully, as they had been healed.” – beautifully written by – Kitty o’meara

Let’s hope for a better tomorrow with the better world, humans coming out of their closets with fresh minds and beautiful souls.

Pictures by Wayne Penales –

Solo Travel – Toronto

Hi guys, How are y’all?

As you might have seen I was in Toronto a few days ago. I travelled all by myself. From booking the travel tickets to booking the rooms and having fun experiences there, I did it myself.

Solo travelled for the first in my life. I kinda liked it, but i’d prefer traveling with the people I love lol. I realized the value of people who travelled with me. I enjoyed my company, interacted with a lot of new people, made Instagram friends (if you know what that means) which I am pretty sure wouldn’t do if I’m with someone. Some people love travelling solo coz they feel like they lose themselves in the process and have to do things for others. But I like that more, because when you love the people around, the compromise would’t matter and you become even more happier soul. Trust me, I honestly missed the people every part of my holiday/trip. I did some the self portraits there as well, which y’all can see. Also, I have worked with some of the photographers which I’ll be sharing in my next post.

I honestly do not know how people travel alone. I was so scared and everytime I was walking on the streets I put my heart in my hands. I was constantly making sure I was okay. Every time, I feel sad after the holiday reaching home. But, this time I took a deep breath after seeing me in my room safe and sound. I was happy that I was back home. I think it’s because of how we grew up, I was never sent alone anywhere, but I always hated it. After seeing all the news coming up, I donot have anything to argue with my parents. Especially girls, be careful if you travel alone, make sure to update your family/ friends. Let’s think of our family/ friends who are waiting for us at homes. It’s okay to not party in the late nights. It’s okay to not put up stories to show people you are having a social life. It’s okay to not show people you are at some fancy club dancing with a drink in your hand. It’s okay to not live Instagram life. Let’s not believe in what we see on Instagram everyday. Wake up and see the world. Be yourself. Do not change for the society and put yourself in the bad company.

If I can do it, y’all can do it. If you wanna experience it, well be planned and prepared and have fun.

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